Carré rouge (in 101 s’il-vous-plz)

Le bruit des bottes résonne da…

Kindergarden PG rated version of La Guerre des tuques

La peur est leur fin, et la violence, leur moyen.

Have you heard of the Arab Spring?

Les enfants du p’tit peuple…

Proletarians in college?

Visage que vos soldats en plastique ont prit soin de ne pas manquer de leur bâton…

Have you heard of the Chilean Winter?

Rouges, verts, bleus… Toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel, unissez-vous contre la pluie, car le soleil est là, étouffé entre les nuages, attendant que le ciel se dégage…

That’s some real fake ass unifying carebear BS


Nos assemblées sont démocratiques.

POC vote like we matter

People take the mic, people who have nothing to say, people who repeat what was said, people who talk a lot to say one thing, people who want to start drama

My stomach is growling

That was worth a full day of work

Said that

the minorities weren’t involved…

None in a position of power?

— shhhhhhhhh
Trying to divide the movement?

Real mature

We must present a UNITED FRONT.

So you guys need shields?

I quit when I remembered I wasn’t them
I wasn’t home I had no home
A battle for no bastards
Thinkin bout what the popo would do to people like me
Daddy’s gonna bail me out with monopoly money
Am I ready to add terrorist to my resume?



Who is « NOUS »?

Yelling so hard
Like I was underwater
Lost my voice for weeks
If you don’t wanna hear us out
Fight your own damn fight

Je speak français pas frenchie

Guess it’s never enough


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