I will shit on your soul

And you’ll keep comin back for more


You’ll think that you’re the special one

That glimmer you thought you saw

was your own reflection


I’ll leave no marks

But you’ll still bleed


My dick will wake up to your pain

i will twist you to knots


Ram your exits


Cause i’m a good guy but

You hoes turned me to the dark side

MACE cause i’m worth it


Chained boogeyman

When you’ll catch me slippin

You’ll run



But i’m not worried

Fresh meat is infinite

And i am a blue blood

Stare into the abyss

Little girl

Made myself a big castle with all your lifeless naked bodies

I howl and watch from my tower

Another one


Rape is just a fact



That i’ll keep confirming

While your little fists pound my chest


To the rhythm of my beating hearts


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