Youyous de l’à lier

Do not smile for the camera.

Shirley doll.

It can’t even see me

Ma couleur n’est pas tirée

But still, the cowboy shot me down

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J’ai eu l’honneur de pouvoir témoigner à l’event. Hopefully ça va servir à quelque chose…

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Ode to the Mastermind

“She was stronger alone.” That’s what she said Oh sweet baby Jane You’re gonna get buuurned playin’ a man’s game The heart and the mind wrestle Tugging at each other till the finish line Your bluestockings keep you warm Under that long chest crushing dress Ladies and Gents! Fannies and Willies! Gold Diggers and Wankers! […]

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Born a withered flower   All they see is the colors of my petals   You’ll break trying to break me I’m that message that self-destructs   Mirages We’re not meant for them   Portals to another world To a greater world   No one will ever be ready for us   Raisin my glasses […]

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I will shit on your soul And you’ll keep comin back for more   You’ll think that you’re the special one That glimmer you thought you saw was your own reflection   I’ll leave no marks But you’ll still bleed   My dick will wake up to your pain i will twist you to knots […]

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Let’s cut the BS

La plupart d’entre nous ont eu notre « indépendance », mais nous ne sommes toujours pas libérés du joug de l’occident. To end white supremacy is to end anti-blackness. Nous enseignons dans nos pays l’histoire que le colonisateur nous a écrite avec quelques notes annexées par nos dirigeants au lieu de faire nos recherches.

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